Mother jailed for not vaccinating son loses primary custody

Rebecca Bredow

Mother jailed for not vaccinating son loses primary custody

A mother who served jail time after refusing a judge's order to vaccinate her son was distraught to find the boy's father had the shots administered when he had custody, according to a Wednesday court hearing.

She said she couldn't adhere to the judge's order based on her "own religious beliefs". Bredow's attorney, Steven Vitale, said he would object to the change within the 21-day deadline set by the judge.

Rebecca Bredow, 40, objects to vaccinations on religious grounds - which is allowed by most U.S. states - but last year signed a legal agreement with her ex-husband to get their nine-year-old son up to date with his immunisations, reports CBS. Now, he will have temporary custody to take the child to get vaccinated while she goes to jail.

Rebecca Bredow, the MI anti-vax mother who was jailed because she refused to let her son receive vaccinations, was not happy to learn that her son received four immunizations this week.

"I stand here today scared and vulnerable, begging the court to understand that I'm not a lazy parent", she added.

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"I am an educated vaccine-choice mother and I have signed vaccine waivers and have been fully compliant with all state laws for both of my children for every school year", Bredow said.

In a teary response, Bredow said her week in prison had been the worst few days of her life, "except for the fact that I just found out that he was vaccinated and I'm not going to get him back today", according to USA Today.

"If my child was forced to be vaccinated, I couldn't bring myself to do it", she said.

"I would rather go to jail for standing up for what I believe in than vaccinating my child", Bredow said prior to sentencing.

Judge Karen McDonald interrupted her plea in court saying that Bredow wasn't telling the entire truth. "Even if you agree to them, which you did".

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