N. Versailles police show support for dispatcher's breast cancer battle

Number of pink events to raise money for charity

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Using her days to teach young women about the importance of early detection and healthy living, because by her smile, joyfulness and positive attitude, it's hard to believe she's a facing one of the worst cancers.

But wearing and displaying pink to raise awareness about breast cancer is the centerpiece of the month, so let's examine the numbers. Dr. Behr takes special interest in the spectrum of breast diseases including new breast masses, abnormal mammograms, nipple discharge, breast cancer and breast pain. That is the message of hope for those who are battling cancer from a woman who's living proof. There were at least a handful of players in each game this weekend decoratively decked out, and you expect to see more as the month goes on. "They're living life despite the potentially awful journey that they went through". As it is such a popular food source, mushroom extracts can even be bought in supplement form in order to get a higher and more concentrated dose of its various properties.

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Since the number of breast cancers caused by a BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene mutation are small compared to the total number of breast cancers, testing to determine if a woman has this mutation is not for everyone. Breast cancer is about 100 times less common among men than women. The prospect of a successful recovery is far greater when you are actively aware and informed on your body's state of wellbeing. "Diagnosed at Stage IV, the survival rate dramatically decreases with only 15% of those diagnosed surviving for more than 5 years". It is also recommended all testing be completed in a health care facility by professionals. More people actually die each year of colon and rectal cancer than breast cancer.

Since 1993, more than 13 million supporters have raised more than $810 million to help end breast cancer.

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