New Samsung image sensors could eliminate smartphone camera bumps

This press release features multimedia. Following that pattern, Samsung is announcing two new members of its four-tier product line, the ISOCELL Fast 2L9 and the ISOCELL Slim 2X7. Samsung Electronics aims to bring ultra slim image sensors to smartphones and IoT devices with two new ISOCELL image sensors.

The ISOCELL Slim 2X7 has a pixel size of 0.9 μm, which Samsung says is the first sensor in the industry to have a pixel size of below 1.0 μm. The second one is similarly small and uses pixel binning to compensate for its small pixels. It should improve improve the speed it takes for future smartphones to focus, as well as the ability for the camera to keep locked-on and track moving objects. It will also allow for images with depth-of-field effects, including bokeh settings.

At 0.9μm, ISOCELL Slim 2×7 has the industry's smallest sensor pixel size. The Deep Trench Isolation of ISOCELL sensor promises improved dynamic range and reduced color crosstalk. The result is higher megapixel count in a thinner module, without sacrificing smartphone real estate.

The ISOCELL Fast 2L9 and Slim 2X7 are created to be slim and offer good performance in low-light conditions. It does so by combining four neighbouring pixels to work as one, increasing light sensitivity. In bright environments, Tetracell uses a re-mosaic algorithm to produce full resolution images. It'll still be able to tap into all 24 megapixels when lighting conditions are better.

Israeli Spies Found Russia Hacking with Kaspersky
The Washington Post had also reported that the Israeli spies discovered hacking tools that could only originated from the U.S. Thus, the Russian government turned "Kaspersky antivirus" tool for espionage, the article says The Wall Street Journal .

Samsung has traditionally used its own camera sensors for its smartphones, so we will be seeing these new sensors in upcoming smartphones - perhaps on the Samsung Galaxy S9. Samsung has committed to further develop sensors with sub-1µm pixels.

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