Truck driver foils attempt to carjack woman at Allen Park gas station

Allen Park Police

Allen Park Police

A carjacker in MI tried to steal a woman's auto as she pumped gas but was foiled by a fuel truck driver who wrestled him out of the vehicle.

The incident, which occurred Thursday at around 1:15 p.m., was caught on surveillance cameras and the police department has posted the video to Facebook.

FOX 2 showed the video the drivers filling up at that gas station and they were floored.

In the video the man can be seen walking north on Roosevelt, toward Southfield Road, when he veers off into the gas station. The woman tried to fight the man off inside the auto and the suspect hit a fuel truck in the parking lot.

With his hands in his pockets he casually walked up to the woman's auto, while she was fueling it, got in the driver's door and began to take off.

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In the videos, after the man gets into the auto, the woman seen pumping gas then jumps into the vehicle in the front passenger's seat. "So we go outside and see the pump detached from the nozzle". As the suspect tries to get out of the vehicle, the trucker grabs him around the shoulders and neck.

"He tried to hold the guy down", Thorburn said.

A man tried to carjack a woman's vehicle, but a trucker intervened.

The victim was unharmed and the suspect did not use a weapon, police said. According to police, the victim described the man as having the appearance of someone with a drug problem.

Authorities asked that the public contact Allen Park police with any information regarding the incident.

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