Watch Princess Nokia destroy a racist dude on the subway

Paul Lawson seen above insists he is not racist but does

Paul Lawson seen above insists he is not racist but does"enjoy getting a rise out of people

The dude, who claims to be a lawyer, proceeds to yell the N-word, not caring that there are plenty of black people present on the train. Princess Nokia took to Twitter to talk about the incident, proudly stating that yes, she did throw hot soup in that guys face.

Footage of a drunken white man identified as Paul Lawson repeatedly calling a group of black teens a racial slur has been making the rounds on social media since Tuesday.

In support of Princess Nokia's original involvement, New Yorkers went... well, New York, and did what they do best: Kicked some uncultured, racist ass. "Any other racists wanna try us again?" Before she doused him in her soup, she slapped him, she said. Equality is one of the most important aspects of human life, good on her for standing up, never sit down. "I'm going to put this on the news". It's insane to see shit like this popping off, and suffice it to say, the racist man will probably think twice before he starts popping off with racial slurs. "Everybody's going to know what a bigot you are".

Princess Nokia's voice can be heard addressing Lawson, until about the 1:45 mark in the video where she appears on camera as she douses Lawson with a cup full of soup, then physically kicks him out of the train at the Bedford Avenue stop while he continues to taunt her and the rest of the auto.

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Frasqueri isn't visible until she steps forward, wearing an orange dress, to bravely lob the bowl of soup in Lawson's face as he tried stepping back on the train for his bag at the Bedford Ave. stop in Brooklyn. She has since verified that she slapped the man after he called a group of boys on the train the n-word, and that the rest of the train vehicle offered support in standing up to the inebriated racist named Paul Lawson.

Lawson, who reportedly lied about attending NYU's prestigious Law School, refused to apologize for his hateful slurs in a string of since-deleted Facebook posts, according to Gothamist. He also said that he's "getting help".

Jezebel has reached out to Frasqueri for comment and will update with any response.

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