10-year-old boy unlocks mom's Apple iPhone X using Face ID

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Jesse Havea Instagram

A video has surfaced on YouTube in which a 10-year-old boy is seen unlocking his mother's iPhone X using his face. But a new video, featuring a Mom-son duo, shows the facial recognition tech is more vulnerable than it appears. As can be seen in the video below, Ammar can reliably unlock his mother's iPhone X, so it wasn't just a one-off fluke.

While facial recognition isn't exactly a new piece of technology, Apple is marketing the iPhone X with Face ID as the next-generation of facial recognition, where it combines the use of AI and various hardware sensors and components to scan a user's face and also to help prevent potential spoofing.

The probability that a random person the population could look at your iPhone X and unlock it using Face ID is approximately 1 in 1,000,000 (versus 1 in 50,000 for Touch ID).

Attaulah Malik, Ammar's father shared this story on Youtube and LinkedIn as well, where he acknowledged that his son's face can not always unlock his mother's phone, as reported by Wired.

With Face ID, Apple has launched a grand experiment in a form of biometric security previously untested at this scale.

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Sana later re-registered her face under different lighting conditions. She reregistered a third time in dimmer lighting to replicate her initial registration, and then, her son was able to unlock the phone again. He was even able to unlock his father's iPhone X, but only at one time, but later his was unable to do it.

While cases like this one might not be that common, it seems family members with similar facial structure could circumvent the privacy of their loved ones by fooling the Face ID tech. It was proven earlier that it can be unlocked easily by an identical twin.

Their concerns will probably be shared by any iPhone X-owning parent. Meanwhile, there's also some "special processing done on the cheeks and around the face" where there are large areas of skin, and the nose is created from silicone.

Meanwhile, when the executive Phil Schiller was introducing the iPhone X, he publicly said Apple's engineers had worked with professional mask makers and makeup artists in Hollywood to protect against attempts to beat Face ID.

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