12-year-old girl suing to legalize marijuana nationwide

12-year-old girl suing to legalize marijuana nationwide

12-year-old girl suing to legalize marijuana nationwide

The young plaintiff had to move from Texas to Colorado where access and consumption of medical marijuana is legal. It's not compassionate either, but rationality?

Bortell's father gave NBC News a comment, saying that his daughter is fighting for her freedom as an American citizen when it comes to consuming marijuana.

But because some states have approved marijuana for medical and other purposes while others haven't, a disparity exists that would keep patients who use cannabis therapy from moving to or traveling in states where the drug is still illegal. "It's just outrageous", said Alexis' dad Dean Bortell.

"When you look at it from a distance and you see it saving their lives, me as a father and an American, I go, what are we doing?"

Twenty-nine states and the District of Columbia have legalized medical marijuana.

"Our policy is the same, really, fundamentally as the Holder-Lynch policy, which is that the federal law remains in effect and a state can legalize marijuana for its law enforcement purposes but it still remains illegal with regard to federal purposes", Sessions said, referring to his predecessors as attorney general during the Obama administration.

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Denver Attorney Adam Foster represents marijuana businesses and told FOX31 he thoughT the lawsuit was clever but admitted its success may be a long-shot. It has been 2 years without having a seizure, compared to the time before the Cannabis treatment, when she would have more seizures in a single day.

So far there is no federal proposal to fully legalize marijuana in Germany, as it seems that the general opinion of medical marijuana hasn't been very popular. But Bortell told Fox News affiliate KDVR that she would like to move back to the Lone Star State in order to pursue college and be closer to her family members. After assuming office as attorney general, he vowed to take measures to prosecute providers and users of medical marijuana with federal powers.

Like most 12-year-olds, Alexis Bortell is energetic and loves to read, write and explore her family's 35-acre farm in Colorado.

[The government] made a representation that cannabis has medical application for the treatments of Parkinson's Disease, HIV-induced dementia and Alzheimer's disease, and yet at the same time, the United States government maintains that there is absolutely no medical benefit for the use of cannabis.

A court struck down the federal government's first motion to dismiss the case, clearing the way for the suit to continue. She is joined by "another child, a military veteran, a marijuana advocacy group and former Broncos player Marvin Washington, who played on the 1998 Super Bowl-winning team", according to FOX 31.

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