A new Smash Bros. game has apparently been trademarked by Nintendo


A new Smash Bros. game has apparently been trademarked by Nintendo

Cross Network play with other platform users. As always, though, we're looking to what's next for Nintendo's newest console, and if new trademark filings are any indication, it may be Super Smash Bros.

Either way, whatever Nintendo has planned for Super Smash Bros, a new Super Smash Bros trademark still hopefully means that another new game is in the making.

In October, there were rumors that Super Smash Bros. will soon be announced for the Nintendo Switch due to a software update that added support for Nintendo GameCube controllers.

Vehicular kickabout Rocket League releases on the Nintendo Switch today, opening up a whole new audience to the esports success story.

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Another highly anticipated game for the Nintendo Switch has arrived. At that time, it was said that Bandai Namco is working on several games for Switch, among them is the Super Smash Bros.

Nintendo filed a new Super Smash Bros. trademark, as spotted by various Japanese publications.

If the Smash Bros. trademark is true then it could be one of two things; a port of the Wii U version of the game for the Switch console or a brand new Smash Bros. title. That feels like the route Nintendo will ultimately opt to go - not only would the port be relatively light on resources, but it would also get the excellent Wii U release in front of more people. The controllers remain the most popular ones for Super Smash Bros. enthusiasts. The Nintendo Switch has now been out for eight months, but there have still been no signs of the fighting game.

The rumors about Super Smash Bros. for Switch emerged from January 2016, when the console still had the Nintendo NX codename.

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