Bigg Boss 11 SHOCKER: Sabyasachi Satpathy becomes new captain of the house

Bigg Boss 11 SHOCKER: Sabyasachi Satpathy becomes new captain of the house

Bigg Boss 11 SHOCKER: Sabyasachi Satpathy becomes new captain of the house

During the captaincy task, everyone applied brains and unanimously decided on making Sabyasachi the next captain of the house. Bigg Boss gives Sabyasachi a right to get one of the jailed members out. Stuck in a prison with Benafsha and Hina, he lets out his inner diva. Vikas tells Shilpa about Priyank's behaviour and she taunts him saying that even she felt bad when people, whom she was close to, did not stand up with her, referring to the Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain! controversy.

Vikas and Sapna believed that it was Hina who asked Luv to stare inappropriately at Arshi. Later, Hina sends Luv to protect Sabyasachi from Vikas.

For more updates related to Bigg Boss 11, stay tuned! The task was this week's much-awaited captaincy task. Not one but two contestants will get out of the house this time, says reports.

A Twitter handle called Bigg Boss Newz posted a throwback video which shows Akash Dadlani singing at the top of his lungs. He was later imitating Puneesh and Bandgi and made fun of them. The jailed contestants talk about Akash and address to him as a "Kekda" Sapna gives her egg to Sabyasachi.

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Sabyasachi gives Hiten's name. Akash-Arshi emerge as the victor and they are presented with a huge hamper of goodies. Ace comedian, Kapil Sharma will be seen returning back on the small screen and for the very first time he will enter the Bigg Boss house and will interact with the housemates.

Vikas then tells Hiten that it is good that Sabyasachi became the captain of the house because he will be a better one than anyone else. She tells them that her husband Azim Sheikh loves her immensely and even though she didn't have a baby after 10 years of marriage, he didn't think of another wife despite her permission. Soon, Bigg Boss freed both of them. However, Luv doesn't answer him. Arshi started irritating Hina again and the TV star started shouting.

Then, in the house, Hina and Arshi get into a fight.

Soon after, there is yet another task between three pairs - Priyank-Benafsha; Akash-Arshi and Puneesh-Bandgi. Also a new captain was crowned, as Sabyasachi Satapathy, who was competing against Bandgi Kalra and Akash Daldani won the captaincy task, and succeeded Puneesh Sharma to become the new captain. The three men will have to cross the obstacles, after which their partner will wash their face. They jump into the pool to celebrate.

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