Chance the Rapper Sings a Thanksgiving Song for His 'SNL' Monologue

Chris Redd on

Chris Redd on"Saturday Night Live NBC

After performing "Sunday Candy" and "Somewhere in Paradise", Chance returned in 2016 to play Coloring Book songs "Same Drugs" and "Finish Line/Drown".

He did not reference Adam Sandler's "Thanksgiving Song", which famously debuted on "Saturday Night Live" decades earlier and has seen subsequent updates to the lyrics to include more topical names and references, though.

In the second, Jones reveals that she's been having naughty dreams about Chance and Em.and no they weren't knitting. "Or like Chance the Poet", says Leslie, while Em proposes "Chance Encounter" and "Chancer the Dancer". Finally, Eminem helps Chance pick a new rap name since Em is going to be rapping and Chance is "the host" and not "the rapper". A possible victor: Chancer the Dancer.

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Chance the Rapper, who hosted SNL this week, performed the ballad alongside cast members Chris Redd and Kenan Thompson, with all three lamenting the end of Obama's presidency.

In his monologue, Chance delivered. We can all relate.

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