Concussion doctor rips NFL's protocol after incident with Colts' Jacoby Brissett

The NFL's concussion protocol received harsh criticism Sunday after an incident involving Indianapolis Colts quarterback Jacoby Brissett. They trailed the Colts going into the 4th quarter 17-9, although toward the end of the game Ben Roethlisberger started to play like confident Roethlisberger again. Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier had Brissett in the grasp when Tuitt dove over the pile and hit the Colts quarterback in the head.

After watching Brissett walk woozily to the sideline, only to return for the Colts' next offensive possession, Nowinski ripped the NFL's concussion protocol and wrote that Brissett should've been permanently pulled from the game.

While most expected the Indianapolis Colts to lose to the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 10 of the National Football League season, few could have predicted that loss would come in heartbreaking fashion as the Colts threw away the game late yet again. Brissett grabbed his head with his hands, didn't move for a few seconds before being helped to his feet by teammates.

But of course, Nowinski's point is that the concussion protocol is garbage if it can't keep a guy with a concussion off the field.

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While the concussion protocol was meant to make the game safer for players, it clearly is in need of significant changes in order to be effective.

The team also released a statement that included the steps taken while analzying Brissett's condition.

"He went through the protocol and passed it and got back out there in time to run that series", Pagano told reporters after the game. After the game, the team announced that Brissett "developed symptoms" for a concussion and that he was immediately placed in protocol.

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