Facebook is trying to take on Yelp, but Yelp shouldn't panic yet

Facebook relaunches Events as a Foursquare-like app called Local

Facebook sets its sights on Yelp with a new app called Local

Of course, calendar and event details are still present in Local, making the app a more useful tool when making plans with friends and figuring out where to go.

Facebook Local features three sections, the first of which, the home screen, offers quick searches for places to go to, along with a list of all events nearby that might interest users.

You can also recommend places you've been so your friends can see them, and respond to Facebook event invites through the app.

The second section of Facebook Local contains a map and a search engine.

The original Events app was essentially the same thing as the events tab from the core Facebook app, which highlighted concerts, parties, shows and other local events. Users can also give it access to other calendars to combine them all.

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Facebook has a history of copying other companies' products in an effort to keep its users engaged (and seeing ads) for as long as possible.

"Launching in the United States on iOS and Android, Facebook "Local" combines events and permanent places to a single search engine powered by Facebook's 70 million business pages plus reviews and friends' checkins", TechCrunch reported late on Friday.

Given the capabilities of Facebook Local, some users may be thinking whether the app is really necessary.

The app will provide notifications for events you've agreed to attend on Facebook proper, and much of the information in the app already seems to exist on Facebook itself.

The relationship between the main Facebook app and Facebook Local, however, is actually a good thing. From now on, the app formerly known as Events will now be called Local, and will incorporate information about local businesses and reviews from Facebook users. However, Koolwal did say that Facebook may consider advertising "way further down the line".

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