Facebook Kills Messenger Day, Merges it with Facebook Stories

By combining Messenger Day - the Story-sharing function of Messenger - with the old Facebook Stories feature to create a new feature, Stories, users will be able to respond directly to your story within the Messenger app. While Instagram's Stories feature is doing quite well, Facebook's has struggled to attract users.

Connor Hayes-Product Manager-Facebook, while talking to the representatives of TechCrunch informed that the stories are being consolidated to make it much simpler for people to share stories across various applications.

Facebook is also working on shutting off its Facebook Direct feature for the personal brief texting. When something is posted to Stories, Facebook is going to automatically show it in Facebook Stories as well as on Messenger, a move it says will save its users time and effort. Per the platform, "You control who you share your Stories with".

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According to TechCrunch, Facebook will kill off the Messenger Day brand, and merge the feature with Facebook Stories. As per him some individuals already were of the belief that the stories are connected, and we thought it would make sense.

The changes to Facebook Stories comes at a critical point for the company: Snapchat is expected to unveil a major overhaul of its app sometime soon to make the design a lot less confusing, and there's a decent chance of Snap succeeding at bringing its dying chatting app back to life. While users of Facebook's low-data-usage version can view stories, they cannot contribute at present.

Update: This post has been updated to clarify Stories from Groups, Events and Pages will not be available in Messenger. "For a lot of people, the most meaningful things that they do on Facebook on a daily basis are [centered] around a group they're in or an event they're attending or maybe even a page that they manage or follow". This feature would allow people to jointly contribute to one single story for any event, under the supervision of the event's admin.

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