Fallon's emotional return to 'The Tonight Show' after his Mom's death

Gloria Fallon died "peacefully" on 4 November in hospital in NY. "When we were little, my mom would walk us to the store, me and my sister, and we would hold hands, you know, and she would squeeze my hand three times to say I love you and I would squeeze back, I love you too".

The chat show host said he was greatly appreciative of the support he and his family received during such a hard time.

The emotional host shared a story about his mother squeezing his hand three times to signify, "I love you", when he was a child.

Taylor Swift helped bring some joy to a grieving Jimmy Fallon when she made an unscheduled appearance on his late night show.

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Watch Taylor Swift perform her breathtaking new ballad "New Year's Day" on Jimmy Fallon's "The Tonight Show".

Fallon added that he's grateful that he can do "The Tonight Show" every night and thanked everyone for the support he received over the last week. Thank you for watching. "Thank you for helping me and my family recover form this loss".

"Last week I was in the hospital and I grabbed her hand and squeezed "I love you" and I just knew we were in trouble", he said.

He closed the tribute with a special message for his mom: "Mom, I'll never stop trying to make you laugh". "As some of you know my mother, Gloria, passed away recently. Our prayers go out to Jimmy and his family as they go through this tough time", an official statement read. "Today, I lost my biggest fan", he said.

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