First Flu Death Of Season Reported

First Flu Death Of Season Reported

First Flu Death Of Season Reported

For more than 70 years, manufacturers have made the flu vaccine by injecting influenza into chicken eggs, allowing the virus to replicate inside the eggs and then purifying the fluid from the eggs to get enough of the virus to use in vaccines.

The flu causes about 3,000 to 49,000 deaths each year.

The other cell-based flu vaccine is Flublok®, which is grown in the cells of an insect Spodoptera frugiperda, a moth known as the "fall armyworm" that mainly attacks corn crops in North America.

Vaccination is widely acknowledged to provide protection for adults and children from suffering at the hand of multiple influenza strains, helping to reduce the spread of the disease and the risk of complications.

"There was a year that I didn't get it and I got the flu that year so that was the last of that and a couple years my husband actually got the flu and I had already gotten my flu shot and never got it", said Missy Ringnalda.

The time for runny noses, sore throats and the dreaded flu will soon be upon us.

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The mutation changes hemagglutinin, a flu protein that is a major target of antibodies in the body of a person who is vaccinated. This includes older adults, young children, pregnant women, people with chronic health conditions (such as asthma, diabetes, or heart disease), people who smoke, and people who live in nursing homes. Certain people are more likely to have serious health problems if they get the flu.

Smith says it's not possible to get the same flu from a flu shot right afterwards.

GLAXOSMITHKLINE Pharmaceutical Sdn Bhd has introduced Fluarix Tetra, an inactivated quadrivalent vaccine aimed to help curb the burden of flu and protect families across Malaysia. Type A and B influenza cause a seasonal outbreak of flue while type C causes mild respiratory symptoms.

"Now we can explain - at an atomic level - why egg-based vaccine production is causing problems", said TSRI Research Associate Nicholas Wu, PhD, first author of the study, published recently in the journal PLOS Pathogens.

Yearly vaccination, especially around flu season, is one way to protect yourself, your family and friends who may be more vulnerable to the virus, adds Dr Jakes.

Influenza viruses are constantly changing, which is why it is possible to catch the flu a couple of times.

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