Gigi Hadid Has Bella By Her Side at Glamour Awards!

Camera-ready Serena- who set a Grand Slam record by defeating her sister and fellow tennis star Venus at the Australian Open this January- completed the look with black heels

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban Couple Up for Glamour's Women of The Year Awards 2017

Nicole Kidman got support from her husband Keith Urban at Glamour's 2017 Women of the Year Awards!

Speaking prior to getting the award, Gigi said on the Today show: "I mean, I've heard so many good things about the event and every year people show up just to hear what the women have to say and it's always such a powerful and emotional night".

Gigi, 22, has been named one of the magazine's Women Of The Year, and she was certainly dressed to impress for the monumental occasion in a regal gold gown that clung to her statuesque physique. "Not only attractive on the outside, but totally stunning - most importantly - on the inside, she understands in order to be the best you have to think like you are the best, you have to work the hardest, and you have to make sacrifices".

Cuomo signs bill expanding medical marijuana to PTSD patients
PTSD patients have long used cannabis for treatment of symptoms like anxiety, insomnia, and hypervigilance. Veterans with PTSD will have to get authorization from a doctor in order to receive medical marijuana.

Gigi's ideas for getting unstuck? React to what's inspiring you by setting that into motion, creatively or otherwise. Donate your time to charity. "You have to work the hardest and you have to make sacrifices".

For her outing, the star decided to make a statement in a very unusual, black ankle-length number, with a tiered skirt and corset-style bodice, with an image of a woman spreading her wings - highly appropriate, given the event - embroidered across the chest. The feeling that they are not alone. "Our success is never just about us, it's also about all women that paved the way so we could be here. And I want you to imagine the effect you have on the world". You help people everywhere to think, "Yeah, I can do this, ' whatever 'this" may be, and you are amongst the women that inspired me to better myself and to seize my life. "So thank you, and remember that we're stronger when we celebrate each other".

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