Google Pixel 2 Problems: Google Assistant to the rescue?

Google on Thursday launched a platform for developers in the country to build voice-enabled solutions for Google Assistant

Google on Thursday launched a platform for developers in the country to build voice-enabled solutions for Google Assistant

An updated AskForSignin API gives developers the ability to prompt users to link their apps to a Google account at the time of their choosing instead of at the beginning of an interaction, which had previously been required.

For starters, Google is updating its Explore tab.

It is also introducing new sub categories. Example the "Food & Drink" categories will be divided into "Order Food" or "View a Menu". According to the blog post, Google is planning to add a description to these apps, in addition to using invocation queries to understand what the user mostly wants. But to be truly successful, your Google Assistant should be able to connect you across the apps and services in your life.

The app directory within Google Assistant will now have a "what's new" and what's trending section so that it will be easier for users to discover new apps that are part of the system. Some of the apps are created to download malware onto the users' phone.

Google Assistant is bringing Contextual Queries in the app. Google.

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According to the firm, the phony apps use popular brand logos and identities to steal shoppers' credit card information.

The company is also releasing API (Application Programme Interfaces) to app developers so that they can bridge a phone and smart speaker to interact and finish transaction, so as to increase the scope of Google Assistant interoperability. Users can follow this by completing the transaction on their smartphone. It helps users interact with devices like they would with fellow humans and now, in a bid to offer more competent and user-friendly interface compared to rival Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri, Google is adding new capabilities. You can also let your app respond with a "polite farewell message" when a user ends your conversation by cancelling whatever task it asked it to do.

Additional updates for app developers include push notifications such as stock options for traders, directory analytics where the user can get an idea of how it is faring in terms of user engagement and daily updates on the same kind of content from any particular app.

It seems that we might see that happen soon as the company today announced Actions on Google, a platform for developers to build voice-enabled solutions for Google Assistant.

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