HTC reveals standalone Vive Focus VR headset and cancels Daydream plans

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The Vive Focus is a head-mounted display equipped with 6 degrees-of-freedom, and world-scale tracking.

Along with the Vive Wave announcement, HTC discussed a few more details about its upcoming standalone VR headset for the China market. Content from Google Daydream and Samsung Gear VR is also said to arrive on Vive Wave soon.

HTC and Google both confirmed to TechCrunch that a Daydream-branded HTC standalone headset will no longer be coming to the US market.

Created to be an all-in-one device, the Focus won't need to be hooked up to a powerful desktop PC in order to run and won't have the same interactivity constraints that mobile VR now has.

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It's unclear, but unlikely that this will play fully blown Vive VR games such as L.A. Noire and the like, but it'll be interesting to see where this kind of tech goes in the near future. The Vive Wave platform purports to solve two industry problems: It gives software developers a larger potential customer base with no extra effort; and it frees hardware designers to focus on hardware innovation, rather than perfecting a software distribution system. With the Vive Wave SDK, vendors can integrate accessories - be it a Leap Motion, gloves or even outside-in solutions for 6DoF input (and potentially eye-tracking solutions as icing on the cake). HTC said that the no-hassle publishing system would support Viveport for PC VR and mobile VR content. The company did state that more than 100 developers are working on content for the unit.

HTC says it will be focusing its resources on a Qualcomm-powered standalone for the China market, which it is calling the Vive Focus. If you were holding out for that standalone Vive Google Daydream headset, meanwhile, there's bad news - HTC and Google have cancelled their plans to bring it to the US. "The combination of Snapdragon's ultra-low power, high performance VR coupled with the new Vive Wave VR open platform will help content developers deliver best-in-class mobile VR experiences to users". At the time, the details were scarce, but now the company has revealed more details about the Vive Focus.

The HTC Vive Focus's release date hasn't been stated, but developers can apply for a dev kit.

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