Locker rooms robbed in Bank of Baroda in a dramatic style

Locker rooms robbed in Bank of Baroda in a dramatic style

Locker rooms robbed in Bank of Baroda in a dramatic style

It was learned that the accused has rented a grocery shop adjacent to the bank.

Adding further to this he said, "The culprits dug an underground tunnel of 25 feet to the locker room of Bank of Baroda and broke open 30 lockers out of 225 lockers and escaped with the loot". The police recovered a hammer and a sickle from the bank branch.

The bank staff discovered the robbery when they went to work on Monday morning and walked in to the locker room to find several vaults open. About a month ago, Mr. Prasad informed the landlord, Sharad Kothavle, that he was going to his village and that his two employees would run the shop in his absence.

Do not expect any compensation for theft or burglary of valuables in safe deposit boxes of public sector banks as the locker hiring agreement absolves them of all liability.

The banks have contended that in such a relationship, the lessor is responsible for his or her valuables kept in the locker which is owned by the bank.

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This, however, is not the first such incident reported from a government bank.

The current incident, and similar ones in the recent past, point to the increasing redundancy of bank lockers under existing rules.

It was considered the biggest robbery act of the country at that time.

Where does this leave the customer? It's an open secret that private banks usually demand heavy investments by customers (usually as fixed deposits or mutual funds) in exchange of pushing their names up in the "waiting list". "Everything I had is gone and I have no clue if I will ever get it back", sobbed Rupali Harale, one of the many locker holders who had gathered at the bank. While the trend is yet to catch up, there is little else that customers can do otherwise.

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