News conference to be held regarding Penn State deadly frat hazing case

New charges announced in hazing death of Penn State frat pledge

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Security video of the incident recorded Piazza appearing intoxicated and being led to a couch after 11PM.

Centre County District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller announced additional charges against Beta Theta Pi Fraternity brothers on Monday.

"Brothers were coming up to him and giving him those drinks", local District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller said Monday, according to CBS.

She said the frat's extensive video security system captured numerous events that happened that day, but that much of it was deleted while police were at the frat house.

Prosecutors brought charges against 12 new defendants and additional charges against five previously named defendants in the case after the Federal Bureau of Investigation was able to recover deleted surveillance video from the frat house basement on the night in question. A judge in early September threw out the most serious charges - involuntary manslaughter and felony aggravated assault - against eight defendants.

Twelve new defendants were implicated in the case Monday.

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"The basement video captures the ongoing hazing that occurred on bid acceptance night and the continued repeated furnishing of alcohol by Beta brothers to Tim Piazza, as well as the other pledges, throughout the evening", the district attorney's office said in a statement, according to WTAE-TV.

Parks Miller said the recovered video did not show Piazza's fall.

Parks Miller said preliminary arraignments for the new charges are expected to take place on November 28 and that she hopes for a preliminary hearing, joined with the refiled charges, will be held as soon as possible.

In May, 18 members of Beta Theta Pi, as well as the national fraternity, had charges brought against them in connection with Piazza's death.

Police did not initially take the basement footage because they were told the cameras downstairs were not functioning. Texts also showed they discussed the video footage filmed inside the house. Fraternity brothers had previously told police the video system in the basement was not working during the ceremony. He says the new video shows that several people knew exactly what happened. Surveillance footage previously played in court shows Piazza falling repeatedly, including down a flight of stairs, after the February 2 event.

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