Oscar De La Hoya Challenges Conor McGregor To A Fight

Conor Mc Gregor GSP

GETTY Conor Mc Gregor and Georges St Pierre

When rumors started firing around past year about the possibility of McGregor boxing, De La Hoya talked about having the UFC star fight his boxer, Canelo Alvarez.

It's been nearly nine years since De La Hoya last fought but, having seen the money that was made when Mayweather dusted off his gloves to school "The Notorious" in his boxing debut, De La Hoya is eager to earn a similar payday.

On Golden Boy Radio, the Olympic gold medalist and six-division world champion stated, "I've been secretly training". "I still have it in me". Secretly training. I'm faster than ever, and stronger than ever.

It was here that McGregor was expected to take on Tony Ferguson in a lightweight unification fight and following the news this may not now be going ahead, the interim champion took to social media to voice his thoughts. I'll come back for that fight. The first thing I wanted to do was inspect him and get Mr McGregor and his crew out of the cage so that's what we did.

"I had some executives from UFC contact me within two hours after what occurred and they basically said to me that it's completely unacceptable in their eyes and that they will be doing something", Mazzulli said during an appearance on The MMA Hour.

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"Mr Redmond was knocked - I don't want to say he was unconscious - but he was hit quite heavy". You heard it on Golden Boy Radio.

McGregor stepped out of the comfort of "The Octagon" and into the boxing ring with Floyd Mayweather Jr., lasting 10 rounds and ultimately losing via technical knockout.

The UFC have yet to issue a statement on McGregor's behaviour, which has been widely condemned by the mixed martial arts world.

De La Hoya also apparently conceded that McGregor would "destroy" him in the cage, which, yes, is a given. He would freaking destroy me.

Mazzulli continued: "I'm never comfortable when someone takes it upon themselves to act like a five-year-old and jump in the cage. Only in the ring", De La Hoya said. "You know I still have it in me". But, then McGregor was booked to box Mayweather, and De La Hoya blasted the bout, and even called on fans to protest the fight.

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