Papadopoulos Email Claims Trump Campaign Approved Meeting With Putin's Office

Papadopoulos Email Claims Trump Campaign Approved Meeting With Putin's Office

Papadopoulos Email Claims Trump Campaign Approved Meeting With Putin's Office

Papadopoulos, a Chicago-based global energy lawyer, pleaded guilty to lying to Federal Bureau of Investigation agents about contacts with people who claimed to have ties to top Russian officials, in the first criminal charges alleging links between the campaign and Moscow, according to the court documents released on Monday.

"One thing that would make a big difference to me is the extent to which Sam Clovis is committed to cooperating with the special counsel", Grassley says.

Others - including Globe columnist Michael Cohen - seemed to empathize because they, too, had the same or similar monikers to those associated with the White House.

Richard Weitz, a senior fellow who managed Papadopoulos, called him "productive, outgoing" and "a great asset to any team", at the end of his 2011 internship.

As national co-chairman of Donald Trump's presidential campaign, Northwest Iowa's Sam Clovis encouraged a low-level foreign policy adviser to meet with Russian officials to build relations with the Kremlin, according to media reports Monday.

In November 2015, Papadopoulos accepted a foreign policy adviser role with Ben Carson's campaign for president.

On or about August 15 - The campaign supervisor encourages Papadopoulos and another unidentified Trump campaign foreign policy adviser to "make the trip" if it is "feasible". Carson needed to fix his foreign policy shortcomings and all of the "foreign policy A-listers" were employed by Bush and Rubio. I'm sure on that one that I wasn't.

Russian Instagram posts reached 20 million users in the US
Would they commit to stop running electoral ads on American political campaigns that are paid for by foreign actors, he asked. The mischief came through advertising purchased on the services and posts containing misleading or false information.

February 16 - The FBI has another interview with Papadopoulos. Carson quit the presidential race in March of the same year.

The recommendation must have helped.

Mike Lavender, senior Washington representative for the Food and Environment Program at the Union of Concerned Scientists, said in a statement that "emerging evidence of Clovis' potential involvement with the Trump campaign's Russian connections should be the final nail in the coffin for his confirmation". Stephanopoulos presses Sekulow on the Papadopoulos allocution, which details his contacts with Russians overseas during his time in the campaign, and his efforts to set up a meeting between Trump and Putin.

"Among the members was George Papadopoulos, who attended one meeting and was never otherwise approached by the campaign for consultation", the statement reads. They knew that Papadopoulos had gone overseas seeking contacts, but that isn't unusual for a foreign-policy adviser. Trump once called him an "excellent guy". Papadopoulos' LinkedIn page boasts a recommendation from Trump himself, which was first quoted in an interview with The Washington Post editorial board in March 2016.

"Few people knew the young, low level volunteer named George, who has already proven to be a liar", Trump wrote on Twitter.

"He's an oil and energy consultant".

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