PennPIRG releases "Trouble in Toyland" report

PennPIRG releases

PennPIRG releases "Trouble in Toyland" report

The toys highlighted in the U.S. Public Interest Research Group's annual "Trouble in Toyland" report include fidget spinners that contain unsafe levels of lead, internet-connected "smart" toys that may surveil children's activities, and toys that pose choking hazards but aren't properly marked. Two fidget spinners that had high amounts of lead were pulled by Target on November 10. PennPIRG's reports have led to 150 recalls by the Consumer Product Safety Commission but the group says risky toys are still on the market.

"If you are an adult and have made a decision to share data with an internet-connected device, fine".

"There are positive things we can do to ensure safety and the industry does those all year long", Lawrence said. The NCPRIG alleged that many consumer groups have complained about this toy to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission because of its potential threat to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. The Fidget Wild Premium Spinner in Brass was found to contain 33,000 parts per million (ppm) of lead in its center circle and 22,000 ppm of lead in its arm. In typical fashion, PIRG has resorted to simply listing recalled toys because they couldn't find safety violations among the toys that are on the market.

Parents are being warned to avoid buying fidget spinners, hoverboards, and "data-collecting" toys for their children this year, as they top the annual Trouble in Toyland report.

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Roles says PennPIRG also put Target in its bulls-eye, and after first balking, the retailer pulled two models of unsafe Fidget Spinners off its shelves after finding risky levels of lead. My Friend Cayla may not be banned now in the United States, but NCPIRG said parents need to stay alert in regards to the potential privacy threats the toy poses. Specifically, balloons have proven to be such serious choking hazards that the Consumer Product Safety Commission has required them to be sold with warning labels for years. "It's very harmful during brain development", Roles said.

German authorities banned the Cayla doll in February, saying it violates Germany's privacy laws. These included a peg game, golf, and football travel games that were found at Dollar Tree. The majority of toy-related deaths continue to be choking on small toy parts, such as marbles, balloons and small balls.

PIRG also updated a list of toys recalled by the CPSC between October, 2017 and October, 2017, which includes certain models of toddler swings, plush toys and scooters.

In a new category, the group also warned parents about toys that connect to the web and may share data and recordings over unsecure connections, potentially gathering personal information such as a child's name and school. The group claims this information is uploaded to a website, which has the potential to be hacked into, and because it uses Bluetooth, someone could tap into the connection and collect this information about your child.

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