Photo of Walmart employee helping nervous man count change goes viral

Walmart kindness

A Walmart cashier helps an elderly man with his change. Courtesy Spring Herbison Bowlin Facebook

He remorsefully looked back at the customers waiting behind him in line, and began to unload fistfuls of change from his pockets. As she was standing in line at the check-out, she noticed the older man in front of her struggling to pay. "We will do this together", the cashier said.

That's when the cashier took his hands and dumped all of the change on the counter.

Once the change was counted, he was cashed out and left.

Bowlin said she aspires to be more like the cashier in the post she shared on Facebook.

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Bowlin says when it was her turn to check out, she thanked the cashier for being so patient with the man. The woman told her, "You shouldn't have to thank me, baby. What's wrong with our world is we've forgotten how to love one another, '" Bowlin wrote.

The cashier's patience and understanding were captured by Spring Bowlin, a MS woman in Walmart during her lunch break.

Eventually, they were able to get the man's transaction taken care of and Bowlin said he shuffled away. "It wasn't a big deal to her because that's obviously just who she is". "As the daughter, sister, wife, and mother of proud Southern men, I didn't want to wound his pride". According to the store manager, corporate has a "special recognition" planned for the cashier.

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