Razer's latest gaming keyboard can survive spilled drinks

Razer redesigns its BlackWidow keyboard with IP54 water protection

New Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Is Water- And Dust-Proof

The keyboard is now on sale, priced at $109 in the US. Sometimes these spills are minor where the liquid won't permanently damage our keyboards, but sometimes it can be pretty bad where it basically ruins it completely. Similar element resistance is coming to other devices as well, and the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate is an upgraded version of their popular keyboard that now has an IP54 water and dust resistance rating.

The keyboard will also feature Razer's own mechanical switches with an estimated 80 million keystroke lifespan, 10 key roll-over anti-ghosting, a gaming mode option, fully programmable keys, and of course the IP54 rating. On the surface, not much has changed, aside from the fact that the BlackWidow is now dust- and water-resistant. But Razer's new BlackWidow Ultimate gaming keyboard wants to save itself from an untimely death - it's water and dust resistant, making it sturdier than your average set of keys. You'll be able to configure the backlighting effects and profiles using Razer's Synapse software. The keys cannot only highlight different color schemes for different games, but can also be programmed to cycle through shades in waves, ripples and other animations.

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While the new BlackWidow Ultimate isn't quite at that level, Razer is confident that it is the most resilient board in its arsenal and could perhaps be one of the most protected boards available commercially.

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