Sarah Silverman breaks silence on longtime friend Louis CK after masturbation accusations

Sarah Silverman discussing Louis C.K. scandal

Sarah Silverman discussing Louis C.K. scandal. Image via

She said, "some of our heroes will be taken down, and we will discover bad things about people we like, or in some cases, people we love". It's vital that people are held accountable for their actions no matter who they are. Louis C.K. admitted to the harassment, and the comedy community has been trying to address it. Because I love Louie. "It's good. It's like cutting out tumors - it's messy and it's complicated and it is going to hurt, but it's necessary and we'll all be healthier for it", Silverman said of the recent spate of women coming forward to share their stories. "Can you still love them?' I can mull that over later, certainly, because the only people that matter right now are the victims". We need to be better. "I can't fucking wait to be better", she said.

After referencing the fact C.K.'s actions affected women to the point they withdrew from the comedy industry entirely, Silverman briefly mused if it was still possible for her to maintain a friendship with someone capable of such awful actions. "I wish I could sit this one out", she says on the episode, which will air Thursday on the streaming service.

"They are victims, and they are victims because of something he did", she said.

Sarah Silverman has delivered an emotional response to sexual misconduct allegations against friend, collaborator and fellow comedian Louis CK, saying she was at once "very angry" for the victims and the culture that enabled it, but "also sad, because he's my friend". But in the context of "I Love You, America", her choice to address the issue was grounded in a statement she made previously in the show's run: "If it's mentionable, it's manageable". "Not criminal. But compulsive, rude & gross".

The allegations against CK follow a wave of sexual assault, harassment and rape allegations against men who wield significant power in Hollywood, the media, politics and big business.

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Multiple women, including her sister Laura Silverman, have accused the comedian of performing unwanted sex acts in front of them.

'You find yourself at a moment of, did I miss something?' Stewart continued. I hope so. I will add one more thing- which is that I was verbally told that my presence + refusal to continue a sexual relationship was responsible for the behavior. In this situation, we all could have. Viewers might feel closer to him than other actors because of the nature of his comedy, but his fans really don't know him any better than they do any of the other people they see on TV.

And a third friend of the disgraced stand-up, Marc Maron, made similar remarks on his WTF podcast Monday.

"He's my friend, and it's a hard position to be in because I certainly can't condone anything he did", Maron said on his WTF podcast on Monday. She does not try to defend or redeem him in the least.

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