Sony Gives Week Long Deals for Black Friday Sale


Sony Gives Week Long Deals for Black Friday Sale

A PS Plus subscription will still be needed to make the most of the monthly free games, however. This week, from this coming Sunday, the 19th of November to the 27th November, or as some know it Cyber Monday.

Today, Sony teased the PS Plus-exclusive with some titles that would be featured in the sale. While it doesn't seem like the standalone headset will be discounted further, the deals on bundles featuring cameras and controllers should more than makeup for it. Regarding the PS VR headset, all bundles will be discounted down to $300 for the holiday. This includes the recently announced PlayStation VR Gran Turismo Sport (Amazon) Bundle at $299.99 and PlayStation VR Skyrim (Amazon) VR Bundle at $349.99. If you need to stock up on DualShock 4 wireless controllers, those will start at $40 (about $10 off MSRP). At the very least, I'm going to be grabbing a new DualShock or two. And for those curious, it looks like discounts for the PlayStation 4 Pro will be rare if they exist at all. It has chose to answer back with an epic Black Friday sale of its own, and you won't have to wait till next week to take part. The sale will take place all weekend long, through the morning of November 21, and will give PlayStation Plus subscribers the chance to own some of the biggest holiday hits for a great price.

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Sony is yet again trying to impress us, this time with a huge deal for all PlayStation 4 owners.

PlayStation 4 and PS VR are available now at retailers.

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