Venus Jupiter conjunction: Here is What the Celestial Event Means

Observers in New York City will see the two planets rise with a difference of five minutes, Jupiter at 5:26 AM and Venus at 5:31 AM local time.

The two planets Venus and Jupitar will get together in a brief passing moment in the November sky and early risers can get a clear view of the eastern horizon.

Just before sunrise Monday (Nov. 13), Venus and Jupiter will pass within 17 arc minutes (0.28 degrees) of each other in the sky, or just over half the apparent width of the full moon. This week, another conjunction of Venus and Jupiter is occurring and is visible to much of planet Earth to the east just before sunrise. Conjunctions between Venus and Jupiter are not a rare event as they take place at an interval of 13 months, however this time it is the unusual proximity they will appear at, that has astonished astronomers.

A BBC report said Venus and Jupiter will be best seen by those living in the mid-northern latitudes, including India.

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It is the unusual proximity that will make the event bigger, although Venus will still be 246 million kilometers from Earth, while Jupiter is almost 594 million miles away from us.

The conjunction will be slightly more hard to watch in the United States, because sunrise comes earlier than in Britain.

The North Taurid Meteor Shower peaks this weekend and you have a good chance of spotting Venus and Jupiter too! While the planets will be visible with the naked eye, telescope or pair of binoculars can give you a clearer view.

People residing in the United Kingdom will be able to watch the conjunction foor a good one hour as Venus will rise at 5:56 AM and Jupitar at 5:58 AM. The maximum altitude is about 11 degrees above the horizon, which requires a relatively unobstructed eastern view.

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