Vidya Balan On Why Indian Culture Considers Sex Taboo

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Vidya Balan On Why Indian Culture Considers Sex Taboo

Vidya Balan: "What's the relationship between "women-centric" and weightloss?" "From now on, will we see you in more such films, or have you thought about weightloss?"

The journalist went on to "correct himself" after a visibly put off reaction from Balan. It was then that a reporter asked the actress about losing weight.

Though for moment the actor seemed upset over the question, she replied very politely: "I'm very happy doing the kind of work I'm doing and it'll be really great if you people can change your mentality".

A question like this is not only ignorant and insensitive but reeks of sexism. "What is the connection between women-oriented films and weight loss?" No one should be expected to be skinny to be glamorous or be not-glamorous to be taken seriously in women-centric films. At a time when there is so much conversation about how it is important to be healthy and not skinny-and that no particular body type is ideal- surely this question is uncalled for.

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Once called the fourth Khan of Bollywood, Vidya Balan had everyone bowing down to the powerhouse of talent that she is. "We have seen you in films that are woman-centric". Somebody show this reporter the video of Vidya, Malishka and Neha Dhupia dancing unabashedly, and rather glamorously, to Hawa Hawai.

Thirdly, consent and choice make all the difference here (even if you argue said reporter is merely naive and unaware, and not sexist).

All we have to say is, you do you, Vidya.

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