YouTube signs Ticketmaster deal to start pushing artists' concerts

Starting from today, YouTube will surface US tour dates for "hundreds of artists" directly below their videos.

This added integration will include information about the nearest show as well as upcoming tour dates.

Starting today, YouTube is rolling out a new system that integrates upcoming USA tour dates right into music video landing pages via Ticketmaster's database. If you think you might want to attend a show, YouTube will also feature a "Tickets" button that will direct you to sites for ticket purchases. The experience works on both web and mobile, though it looks slightly different, depending on the platform.

Artists now listing upcoming tour dates with links to Ticketmaster's website include Katy Perry for her Witness tour, as well as Lady Gaga, Halsey, The Chainsmokers and The Killers. In the future, it will roll out to all artists who have Ticketmaster shows in North America with plans to expand globally. The company also hints this is the first of other planned features focused on artist-to-fan connections, but it didn't detail those plans.

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While Spotify, Apple Music, and similar audio-streaming services are popular conduits for finding new (and old) music, YouTube is often the first port of call for those seeking a little visual stimulation to go with their tunes.

YouTube won't cost any more cash than it does already, but soon you'll see concert tickets offered on music artist videos. To view more or purchase, simply press "Tickets" to be directed to Ticketmaster's full website.

Presumably, there's some sort of revenue sharing agreement here for the ticket sales that are initiated via YouTube, but the company didn't say.

If you've ever been watching a music video and thought "I'd love to see them live", YouTube has your back. It can be found underneath a music video's description on desktop or right under the video in the mobile app.

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