2018 emoji feature proposal released

Unicode consortium announces new Emoji 11.0 Beta list – final list could be approved in January

New Emoji List for 2018 Includes Cupcake, Redheads, Teddy Bear, and More [Photos]

The Unicode Consortium has outlined all of the new emoji that are in the pipeline for 2018.

Also possibly coming is the option for developers to offer a direction for emoji, so you can have the gun, auto or even train emoji switched around the other way.

New emoji include supervillains, toilet paper, cupcakes, leafy greens, bagels, an overheated face and a face with pleading eyes.

2018 could be the year of changeable emoji directions. Though these still could make it into the final Emoji 11 update if voted in at the Unicode Technical Meeting in January. See the full list here. "The following ZWJ mechanism can be used to pick an explicit direction". This is due to alignment of the emoji versions in 2018 and beyond with the versions of the Unicode Standard.

'Emojipedia users have long requested a way to flip emoji direction, and if this feature goes ahead it is likely to target only the emojis that would benefit from it most, ' Jeremy Burge, editor of Emojipedia wrote.

Unicode consortium announces new Emoji 11.0 Beta list – final list could be approved in January

If vendors show support for these sequences, we might finally be able to have the train face left-right, or the runner, or the gun.

However some proposals have already been canned - including a frowning pile of poo, mango and redheads.

In addition to the ability to reverse emoji, the Unicode Consortium also introduced a wide range of new emoji characters as candidates for the final release - about 130 in all - according to Emojipedia.

What do you think of these new emoji?

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