Amazon Music Unlimited Is Now Available In 28 New Markets

At the moment, Spotify boasts over 140 million monthly users while Apple Music has over 30 million subscribers. YouTube has been stuck in negotiations with Universal and Sony for more than a year.

E-retail giant Amazon is keeping on with its push to expand more and more of its services to newer markets with the launch its Echo speakers and Music Unlimited service to 28 more countries. The company is also reportedly negotiating with a consortium of independent labels called Merlin. Yet major record labels say the growth would be even more significant if not for YouTube, which they criticise for not compensating them enough, considering how much people use the site to listen to tunes. These plans will give access to massive library of music to the users as well as curated playlists, and more. Of course, there are other local music streaming services as well, but they are not as big or better than Apple Music and Spotify. Executives have been disappointed in how YouTube Red failed to focus on the music aspect and instead centred on producing unique video content.

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The new service, referred to internally as Remix, would include Spotify-like on-demand streaming and would incorporate elements from YouTube, such as video clips. A representative from YouTube also commented that "YouTube has reached out to artists to seek their help in promoting the new service". Google Play Music launched in 2011, and YouTube Red video just a year ago, but this would be YouTube's first real attempt at their own music streaming subscription service since 2014's YouTube Music Key (which would turn into YouTube Red).

According to the report from Bloomberg, it looks like YouTube will be the dominating brand, with "much of the staff for Google Play Music" merged into the YouTube Music team.

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