Apple HomeKit Flaw Opens Smart Locks to Hacking

Apple HomeKit Flaw Opens Smart Locks to Hacking

Apple HomeKit Flaw Opens Smart Locks to Hacking

The report stressed that the issue was not with the accessories themselves but with the HomeKit framework as a whole which connects smart products from different companies.

On Thursday, 9to5Mac disclosed the bug, which it said was "difficult to reproduce".

The list of products compatible with Apple HomeKit includes light switches, thermostats, doorbells and cameras, in addition to garage door openers and smart locks. Nevertheless, the publication saw a demo of the bug, which gave the attacker remote control over an Apple HomeKit-developed smart lock.

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The vulnerability was demonstrated to 9to5Mac which kept its detail under wraps in order to prevent oportunistic hackers from exploting the security hole. The serious security issues have already been fixed via a server-side patch by Apple, and an update to iOS 11.2 is coming in the near future to fix any broken functionality. The company said in a statement that the issue affecting HomeKit users running iOS 11.2 has been fixed. Earlier versions of iOS aren't affected.

After last week's release of an out-of-cycle emergency fix for a critical macOS High Sierra bug that allowed easy root access, the macOS update released yesterday (December 6) carry fixes for 22 vulnerabilities. Apple has not managed to temporarily fix the issue without needing to roll out a software update, you can see what they had to say below. "The fix temporarily disables remote access to shared users, which will be restored in a software update early next week", it explained. The ability to hack a smart lock may sound worrisome, but traditional door locks can be picked too, noted Jeff Tang, a security researcher with Cylance.

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