Apple may launch cheapest 9.7-inch iPad ever in 2018

Apple May Bring their Most Affordable iPad in 2018

Apple may launch cheapest 9.7-inch iPad ever in 2018

While the standard 9.7-inch iPad looks to get cheaper in 2018, Apple's iPad Pro may get costlier if recent reports suggesting they'll come with slimmer bezels and Face ID facial recognition are true. They are saying that Apple is now working on an iPad which may cost even less than the current model.

Apple is about to introduce that budget iPad soon for its users. They say the move is aimed to be more competitive against first tier tablet players like Samsung Electronics, Amazon, Huawei, and Lenovo. The yet-to-come iPad will likely replace this year's 9.7-inch iPad or act as a more stripped down version of it.

Apple has reportedly seen weakening sales for its iPad series, as demand for the overall tablet market goes down.

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The news of cheapest iPad may sound like a great news, but it is still not confirmed whether from either Apple or manufacturer and is based on a speculative leak. The track record of the rumor sources vary, but it makes sense that Apple would want to lower the introduction cost, especially when it means getting iPad into more classrooms.

For fans and anyone coveting an iPad at a more affordable rate, there is still a few months to wait to find out. Selling iPad at a lower price will help the brand reach out to the industrial and service sectors.

Well, now there seems to be some rumors that Apple will be releasing an even more affordable iPad in 2018.

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