Bezel-less Sony Xperia Photos Leak Online

Bezel-less Sony Xperia Photos Leak Online

Bezel-less Sony Xperia Photos Leak Online

Nearly all the smartphone manufacturers are following the trend. Another Georgian media outlet claims that one of the leaked images is Sony's 2018 flagship smartphone, while the other has a design of a non-flagship Xperia.

Reports have begun streaming in about a set of renders/leaked images of what could be Sony's upcoming flagship devices. But even the Japanese conglomerate knows that it needs to keep up with the times, which is why we could see the company finally hop on the bezel-less bandwagon with two upcoming Xperia smartphones.

Reportedly, the renders that we're seeing in this article are based on Sony's own design drafts.

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One of the smartphones with less rounded corners appears to feature a two-tone design at the back panel. On the back is a very unique looking curved matte and glossy surface, with the matte regions forming semicircles at the top and bottom. It does seem questionable that the two phones will have the Snapdragon 845 chipset since Samsung will have early access to the chipset similar to previous year. The handset is likely to make use of the recently launched Snapdragon 845 chipset paired with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage space. While both the phones show full-screen displays, the flagship Xperia model is tipped to be the one with sharper corners and reflective rear panel. Running Android 8.0 Oreo out of the box, the smartphone is said to feature an under the display fingerprint sensor. As noted, the Galaxy S8 has a massive 5.8-inch display screen and thanks to its bezel-less design, it only measures 148mm tall. There are no further information regarding specifications of the device.

For 2018, it looks like Sony could be fixing at least one of those problems. The glass bodied Xperia is much more familiar to Sony fans, and while the fingerprint sensor doesn't show up on the rear (or front), it's likely built into the power button on the side as is the usual case - though GizChina, who leaked the pictures, says it will be under the glass.

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