Bills players reportedly 'want to put them hands' on Rob Gronkowski

Ray Lewis rips Rob Gronkowski for late hit questions length of suspension

Ray Lewis rips Rob Gronkowski for late hit questions length of suspension

During an appearance on "The Russillo Show", Clark revealed that he'd received a text message from White implyinh that the Bills (rather, "the whole hood") wanted to get back at Gronkowski. "The whole hood want Gronk, for sure".

White said Gronkowski hasn't apologized to him.

White chose not to comment on the one-game suspension levied against Rob Gronkowski, but he did confirm that he felt it was a dirty hit.

"He said the whole hood want 'em, you know what I mean?"

Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger argued Wednesday that if Gronkowski's actions were worthy of a one-game suspension, the National Football League should have went easier on Smith-Schuster.

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Several Bills players decried the hit after the game, with safety Jordan Poyer saying they "of course" will remember it as they prepare for the rematch on Christmas Eve. While Gronk leveled the now-disciplined forearm to White's head, Danny Amendola was getting into it with another Bills player, drawing more flags.

Clark isn't the only one who was frustrated by the lack of response from the Bills following the hit.

"The Competition Committee has clearly expressed its goal of 'eliminating flagrant hits that have no place in our game.' Those hits include the play you were involved in yesterday", he continued. "When you see a shot like that, I don't care". But that didn't make him feel any better it. We are talking about just a regular football play.

"I'd say on anything that is outside of our control, such as injuries that could go down to pregame workouts and so forth, things that are out of control are out of our control", Belichick said.

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