Cancelled flights: check with airline before travelling

Cancelled flights: check with airline before travelling

Cancelled flights: check with airline before travelling

British Airways flights between Heathrow and Belfast City Airport were still continuing to operate, however.

Other worldwide carriers, including Aer Lingus, Brussels Airlines, Lufthansa, Ryanair and Swiss have also had flights affected by the weather conditions.

Flights out of City of Derry airport are still operating, but delays are to be expected. The deicing process is believed to have affected both outgoing and incoming flights, with planes not able to land because other aircraft were still in the stands.

The Chandigarh worldwide airport will be closed from February 12, 2018, to February 26, 2018, owing to runway resurfacing work.

Manchester, Luton, Belfast, Liverpool and various other airports are advising all passengers to check their flights while the authorities at Bristol are asking passengers to please "allow extra time for your journey to the airport and take care during the adverse weather conditions".

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Heathrow said this morning: "Some flights at Heathrow will be disrupted today due to crew and aircraft being out of position following yesterday's weather. We apologise to those whose travel has been impacted and regret the inconveniences that has been caused".

There have been delays overnight on Eurotunnel.

BA added: "Safety is always our priority, and as temperatures remain low, we are having to de-ice every individual aircraft before it departs".

Snow caused chaos for air passengers on Sunday, with flights diverted, delayed and cancelled at Heathrow. Our teams are working hard to get flights in/out as soon as they can and we will keep this website up to date with latest information.

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