Cheese Every Day Could Keep The Doctor Away


Cheese Every Day Could Keep The Doctor Away

The research conducted by Chinese University, Soochow, revealed that people who eat 40 grams of cheese a day have less chance of developing certain heart diseases. This comes just months after a previous study found that cheese could hold the keys to a longer life.

Eating cheese promotes the growth of the level of "good" cholesterol and reduce the number of "bad" cholesterol in the blood, which is beneficial to the vascular system. All cheese is rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins that help against cardiovascular disease.

Consuming cheese on regular basis may lower the risk of getting heart attack, as per study reveals.

"It's unclear how long-term consumption affects the development of cardiovascular disease".

Skipping breakfast could increase your risk of diabetes and heart disease, according to research published this week.

Cheese lovers, you just got a reason to load up on more cheese daily.

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The team in Bath and Nottingham, England, found that fat in obese people responds less to insulin than in lean people and the decrease related to the person's total amount of body fat.

Those that were eating the above amount - which is only a few crackers worth of cheese - a day had less heart attacks and 10 per cent less strokes.

Even full-fat cheese, milk and yoghurt do not increase the danger, the review of 29 studies found.

Far from having a negative effect, a number of large studies have shown dairy products to have a protective effect on factors relating to heart health.

Scientists at Reading University said their findings questioned years of public health advice on limiting dairy foods intake. Experts said that adding a portion of cheese daily in meals can be beneficial for your health and it reduces chances of suffering a heart attack by 14 percent. Though cheese contains fat, it is of a type which absorbs less in the body.

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