Cinemark Joins Others in Movie Membership Offering

Do you enjoy going to the movies?

What do customers want in a movie theater subscription service? Dedicated cinephiles could save hundreds every month in their film-going budget, and casual movie-goers had an incentive to head to the theater rather than watch on the home screen.

Cinemark CEO Mark Zoradi said the program was research-driven, with consumer interests in mind. Cinemark's new Movie Club service isn't as generous on the quantity side as MoviePass, though it seems more sustainable; it's $8.99 for one 2D film ticket a month at the chain's 350 USA theaters. Theater chains in particular got real spooked out by MoviePass, a subscription service startup which offers customers unlimited movie tickets at the impossibly low, low price of $10 a month ($7 during specials )-with some like AMC anxious it could drive down the price of tickets in the long run to disastrous levels.

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But Cinemark's model is designed for a different type of consumer. MoviePass has attempted to crack that code with mixed results and now Cinemark is attempting their own brand of monthly offering. In fact Regal's Crown Club is free, and rewards moviegoers like a frequent flyer program with multiple visits yielding free tickets and concessions. MoviePass' deal for subscribers is incredible-and its long-term business model can seem equally hard to believe.

According to The Verge, Cinemark's plan offers certain advantages, like the ability to buy tickets at the theaters and not beforehand, like MoviePass requires.

As theatrical movie attendance continues to decrease, theater chains are looking to create new business models to increase revenue. Through its Movie Club, Cinemark is testing out a solution to empty seats that may prove more lasting. Cinemark may be the first to respond, but it's likely others will follow suit. "It helps us, our studio partners, and the overall business". Cinemark Theaters is the 3rd largest theater chain in the United States and now wants to take on Movie Pass with their own $8.99 a month service.

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