Facebook Launches Messaging App for Kids

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Facebook Launches Messaging App for Kids

Instead, the iOS app lets parents manage their children's account through their own Facebook account, with no need for parents to also download the app on their devices.

She cited research that shows some 93 percent of USA kids ages six to 12 have access to tablets or smartphones - and 66 percent have their own device, often using apps meant for teens and adults.

While children do use messaging and social media apps designed for teenagers and adults, those services aren't built for them, said Kristelle Lavallee, a children's psychology expert who advised Facebook on designing the service.

Even though it has all those things, Facebook is still getting a lot of flack for it, but FB says don't worry about it! Facebook Messenger Kids requires parents to set up an account and approve their children's contacts.

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At the same time, parents were willing to let their children aged 6 to 12 use social media as long as there was strict parental control.

Facebook said it consulted with 1,200 parents plus online security and child development specialists, including the National Parent-Teacher Association, the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, Connect Safely, Center on Media and Child Health, and Sesame Workshop. Once this is done, the kids can start chatting with the contacts that are approved by their parents. But she said that while Facebook made the app "with the best of intentions", it's not yet known how people will actually use it. This is why Facebook and many other social media companies prohibit younger kids from joining.

Federal law prohibits internet companies from collecting personal information on kids under 13 without their parents' permission and imposes restrictions on advertising to them. According to some users on Facebook, they claim it to be a DDOS attack on Facebook's chat servers. Any user can download it as it is free and there are no in-app purchases, the company said in a post.

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