Firefighters free YouTube prankster who cemented head into microwave

The man had been stuck for 90 minutes when the firefighters were called

The man had been stuck for 90 minutes when the firefighters were called

The West Midlands Fire Service says a 22-year-old man it describes as a "YouTube prankster" and his friends poured several bags of a fast-hardening product into an unplugged microwave oven they were using as a mold around the man's head, which was protected by a plastic bag.

SNAPS of a dozy prankster who cemented his own head inside a microwave have gone viral.

When five firefighters from the West Midlands fire service arrived at the scene, they were unimpressed by what they saw.

Swinger's ordeal left Twitter audience baffled and amused, with people cracking jokes and wondering how the prankster came up with this idea in the first place.

Others however pointed out that Swinger basically forced the responders to devote precious time and resources to rescue him from a rather stupid, albeit unsafe, predicament which could've been easily avoided in the first place.

The video of the microwave incident, which went up this morning, is ten excruciating minutes of distilled idiocy and captures the entire (lack of) thought process leading up to a guy cementing his head into a microwave (he seemed to be trying to make some kind of mould, but the logic was really not clear).

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Dakin said that the service's technical rescue crew helped free the man's head from the oven after an hour.

It took them almost an hour to free him.

"He was very relieved when we removed a large chunk of the Polyfilla with a screwdriver, allowing him to breathe more easily".

"It took us almost an hour to free him", added Mr Dakin. "But we had to be extremely careful with the screwdriver, working so closely to his head", he added.

Adkin said, "this was clearly a call-out which might have prevented us from helping someone else in genuine, accidental need".

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