Google Maps' real-time notifications, live guidance to make travelling much easier

Get real-time updates on Google Maps

Get real-time updates on Google Maps

The latest update makes things even simpler as Google Maps gives you live guidance and interactive real-time notifications during your journey.

Furthermore, Google Maps will reportedly remind users of their final destination, and flash an update on when to get off the bus or train when his/her destination is approaching.

This feature is really helpful when a user tends to fall asleep and forgets to de-board on their particular stop.

Google is planning a new update of Google Maps that will give you far more information about your trips on public transport.

This new feature will notify a user as and when they are about to reach their destination.

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These notifications do not need the app to be opened. If you're already seeing it in Google Maps yourself, let us know in the comments.

Google Maps now gives detailed transit directions with the process generally involving keeping track of progress along the route.

The notifications might also be displayed on the lock screen of your Android device, the report added, saying the notifications might be interactive, so you could look up the stops that are coming.

The update comes just two weeks after Google announced at its recent event that it was going for two-wheeler customised navigation on Google Maps- under it, two-wheeler drivers will get the fastest route to reach their destination. However, this feature is only available for Android users but will soon be available on iOS too.

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