Instagram Fights Wildlife Exploitation with New Hashtag Warnings

Protecting Wildlife and Nature from Exploitation – Instagram

Instagram will hide people taking selfies with animals amid fears they are encourage abuse

Instagram announced Monday that it is adding content warnings to selfies that include tigers, koalas and other wildlife.

An Instagram representative tells the Huffington Post that "hundreds of hashtag combinations" will now trigger a warning advising users about the problems of wildlife exploitation. "We encourage everyone to be thoughtful about interactions with wild animals and the environment to help avoid exploitation and to report any photos and videos you may see that may violate our community guidelines". But wildlife conservation groups stated that these tourist attractions mistreat animals.

However, the social networking site isn't the first social media to impose such warning. More often than not, these photos take advantage of attractive creatures that have been torn from their natural environment. Now, the campaign has influenced Instagram to take progressive steps towards ending wild animal selfies!

But these apps don't ban these images. Those hashtags will still appear in search results.

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The pop-up rebuke will also appear for searches for more egregious activities, like hashtags that advertise the sale of exotic animals or animal parts, the social media service says.

Instagram is cracking down on people using its platform to share pictures of themselves with wild animals, to raise awareness of the abuse many creatures paraded around for picture purposes suffer. Kardashian and her half-sister, model Kendal Jenner, are also regular visitors to the Black Jaguar-White Tiger animal rescue foundation, which houses exotic animals including pumas, lions and jaguars.

Though there are plenty of people who don't give two shits about the safety of animals when it comes to furthering their brand, Instagram is hoping these notifications will help to educate people who don't know about the negative ramifications of riding an elephant while overseas.

The message is a response to research conducted by WAP that shows a 292% increase in the number of wildlife selfies posted on Instagram since 2014. Unfortunately, these animals don't like being held or handled. "We're trying to do our part to educate them".

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