Instagram finally lets you save Stories so people can enjoy them forever

Introducing Stories Highlights and Stories Archive – Instagram

Instagram now lets you set a semi-permanent 'Story Highlight' on your profile

To access it, users can now tap the archive icon on their profiles in the top-right corner. Whereas you're required to manually save stories on Snapchat, when your Instagram story is about to expire, Instagram will automatically add it to your archive where uploads you no longer want to be present on your profile live.

And unlike the traditional Instagram Stories format, this particular Story remains on your profile until you remove it.

It's that sentiment that has driven the biggest Instagram profile update since 2013: as of December 5, users will be able to keep their Stories forever using the new Archive function - and display the ones they're oh so proud of in a brand-new section at the top of each user's profile called Highlights.

The new update seeks to address those problems by allowing people to hold onto their stories once they are posted. The first story from each day will show a date indicator to help you navigate your archive as you scroll.

Introducing Stories Highlights and Stories Archive – Instagram

Instagram has launched radical new changes to profiles, described as being the most dramatic since 2013. "It's such an important space, but it's also one that hasn't changed very much". Now you can more fully express your identity by grouping stories you've shared into highlights and featuring them on your profile. As a byproduct, they'll likely increase the amount of video on most people's profiles as well.

The company, although not completely abandoning the ephemeral content idea, is now adopting a Stories Archive - a section of the Instagram app that files away previous stories for your reminiscing. This works by letting you create a standalone story consisting of past photos and videos you uploaded to your main story. It might have seemed silly going through the work of shooting Stories and jazzing them up with captions and stickers if they'd disappear the next day.

You can create as many Highlights as you want, with the most recent one appearing left-most on the screen. The feature pins a carousel of Instagram Stories to the top of your profile, where they'll be viewable to anyone who can see your profile. After selecting the stories you want to package together, you pick a cover photo, give it a name, and post it to your profile.

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