Last chance to get flu shot before holiday travel

Killer Flu Season Expected This Year

Flu Shots Won't Be As Effective This Year, Researchers Say

But time is running out for you to get inoculated and have that two-week period of building up a resistance to the flu.

December is when the flu typically comes out in full force, keeping people home from work or school.

Compared to this time previous year, experts say there are double the number of confirmed cases of the flu. Regional is the second highest level in terms of the number of influenza outbreaks in the country; widespread is the highest.

Campbell County began reporting flu cases in September and October, which is earlier than past year, Public Health Director Jane Glaser said. If so, it would extend a run of bad luck that began in 2014, when the available flu vaccines proved to be a poor match for the most common viruses in circulation.

CDC recommends that people get a flu vaccine by the end of October, if possible.

East Anglian supermarket to sell out of date food
Tinned and dried food at the East of England Co-op's 125 stores will be sold for 10p once its "best before" date has passed. Donations for more than 80,000 meals were collected previous year and donated to 22 food banks across the East Anglia.

In Australia this past flu season, the problem did not appear to be a mismatch between the flu strains that were circulating and those that the available vaccine protected against, Fauci said. And it states getting the flu vaccination is the single best way to protect yourself from the flu and its consequences. Season to date, the health department has provided 399 vaccinations and has 228 doses left in stock. "It's protecting those around you who are maybe amino compromised and are actually more at risk of the complications of the flu", she said. Their findings are based on what made people sick in the southern hemisphere's most recent flu season.

There have been five deaths in total across the province - four more than past year. The Department of Health does not provide this data by county.

Frequent hand washing is also important in fending off the flu, Hoyano said.

The Healthcare Foundation donated its remaining 110 vaccines to Public Health, which administers them to schoolchildren for free.

"The schools have seen a decrease in school absences due to illness, but flu is hard to determine unless the parent has the child tested and remembers to communicate back to the school", she said.

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