Man wanted for burglary of properties rented by singer R. Kelly

Between accusations of holding women hostage in his home for the objective of a sex cult to making fun of an autistic teen outside of a club in Los Angeles, R. Kelly's been facing a lot of heat. Over the summer, Buzzfeed broke a bombshell story that alleged Kelly was holding women as sex slaves in at least one of his mansions.

While on tour in New Orleans during Thanksgiving weekend, two of the singer's homes were broken into and almost emptied out, WXIA reports. Police told FOX 5 News they would like to hear from other people who now have items belonging to Mr. Kelly and who paid funds to Walker.

Most of the furniture, electronics and personal items were gone from the home, police said.

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Georgia police announced on Wednesday that they identified a suspect who they say stole absolutely everything out of R. Kelly's two Atlanta homes while the singer was on tour, then probably sold the items off.

Police caught the three men and brought them in for questioning. After being granted a search warrant for Walker's home, law enforcement found some of Kelly's property there. TMZ reports he gave three different accounts of how Kelly's stuff landed in his home.

We're told Walker was supposed to turn himself in Tuesday, but no-showed.

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