Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Getting Versus Mode On December 8, 2017

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Versus Mode

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Getting Versus Mode On December 8, 2017

The XCOM-esque Nintendo Switch game Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle has been pretty much an instant hit since launch.

Ubisoft announce a new local versus mode for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle.

The new mode is a welcome addition to a fantastic game, and once again shows Ubisoft delicately balancing the mix of paid and free add-on content for their games. It will pit player against player in epic fights to victory and can be played both locally, as well as online. Unlike the game other modes, this Versus mode allows you to pick an all-Rabbids team or pick a trio exclusively from the Mushroom Kingdom. Sharp enough to test against another human player? That free update drops Friday, Dec. 8.

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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Versus mode will restrict each player to just three actions per turn. Players will use turn-based combat to strategically move their heroes across the battlefield to gain higher ground, utilize the pipe system and destructible environments, and receive a friendly boost from their teammates to get into their optimal firing position.

Versus mode's selectable combatants are evenly matched, from a skill-point standpoint. Characters start out upgraded, and who you choose for your team will affect your strategies on the (adorable) battlefield. The characters do not carry over stats and gear from the single-player campaign; instead, each character is balanced and comes with different premade loadouts. Power ups that do things like let a character act a second time or deal more damage that turn can appear.

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