New Portal Game Announced - Bridge Constructor Portal

Bridge Constructor Portal

GLaDOS in the announcement trailer. Headup Games

Valve has been secretly developing it and the ending of this new Portal game hints at it. While everyone is waiting for Valve to release another sequel, Headup Games has announced 'Bridge Constructor Portal'. The game is a mashup between Bridge Constructor and Portal, putting together the two physics based titles in some interesting looking ways.

With the help of GLaDOS, its turrets, and obviously a whole bunch of portals, new and more experienced bridge-builders are able to solve increasingly hard physic-based puzzles in Bridge Constructor Portal, based on the popular Valve series. This will be the first Portal-related game that has been released for mobile platforms.

In the Portal version, there will be more puzzle-like elements, as you would expect from any game involving the famous Portal gun. A new Portal game is an obvious indication of a new Half Life 3 game.

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No gameplay was seen, but presumably players will be able to place portals where they wish in the same way they're able to build bridges.

If you wanted to know how unpopular this announcement was, look no further than the video below, which has its like/dislike ratio turned off on YouTube, and the top comment is "please valve make an apologize for your existence". Console versions will also be arriving next year.

Making its way onto PC, MacOS, Linux and mobile devices on 20th December, Bridge Constructor Portal will once again place you under the watchful eyes of GLaDOS.

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