Nintendo To Bring Games Onto The NVIDIA SHIELD In China

Nintendo Is Bringing Wii Games To Nvidia Shield In China

Nintendo Wii And GameCube Games Are Being Remastered For Nvidia Shield--But Only In China

As reported on by Daniel Ahmad, who shared the rumor earlier this year, the trailer for the Chinese version of the system reveals Super Mario Galaxy, the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, New Super Mario Bros. All of these games have been remastered in 1080p, meaning they should look a lot better on modern TVs than they did back on the Wii, and they sell for 68 yuan - about $10. Unfortunately, it seems that this will likely remain China-exclusive permanently, as all communications from Nvidia and Nintendo indicate that it's specifically targeted at Chinese audiences. In an unprecedented collaboration for Nintendo, it's working with Nvidia to port a selection of Wii and GameCube games to the Android-powered Shield TV for today's release in China. Wii will run at 1080p.

This is the first time Nintendo will allows its games to be run on other platforms.

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Given that the Shield Tablet shares the same architecture as the Switch, there's a very strong chance we could see these games coming to the eShop at some point in the future, too. Based on recent statistics, China has more than 300 million gamers. However, Nintendo is yet to release its Switch in one of the biggest gaming markets. However, this isn't the only partnership Nintendo secured for China.

He added, "We have previously researched the possibility of selling our products in China, and that effort continues as we consider bringing Nintendo Switch to the Chinese market". And now they are extending that partnership.

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