P&O ferry runs aground in Calais harbour

Ferry runs aground at France's Calais port

Ferry runs aground at France's Calais port

A ferry with 313 passengers on board ran aground at the port of Calais in northern France, with no one injured in the accident, according to the media reports.

A total of 316 people, including 208 passengers, were on board the 11:55am ferry at the time.

The Dover-bound "Pride of Kent" had run aground on a sand bank around midday as she tried to leave the Calais harbour in stormy weather. "Port officers are looking at how to refloat it".

"Nobody is hurt and the ship is stable", a prefecture spokesman said.

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The ship was also transporting 74 lorries, a coach and 36 other vehicles.

The ship was refloated within two hours and we hope to transfer our passengers to an alternative ship as soon as possible'.

Two tug boats were trying to pull the ferry free, but winds gusting at up to 110 kilometres (70 miles) per hour were making the task hard.

The vessel is afloat once again after two tugboats were able to pull it back into the sea.

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